When people are considering the types of hosting, they have to create their website, the Shared Hosting option becomes the cheapest way and also the best one for beginners. It is the option you are looking for when you are in a tight budget; yet, a shared hosting might have some disadvantages that you should know before using one of them.

The thing with the shared hosting is that in this kind of environment a single server is working as the host of several users at the same time, and by several, it means it can be about 1,000 at the same time. These 1,000 might have several sites so that single server could have about 4,000 websites working at the same time.

The problem comes when one of the sites living in the same server gets more visitors for one reason or the other taking space from the server’s memory, for example 75% of the space letting the other 3,999 sites with a 25% of the total RAM. This obviously makes the other websites to go down or load slowly. These situations are completely unpredictable for the rest of the 3.999 sites.

Even though a shared hosting can be a cheap idea, what explained before is called “bad neighbor” and it is an effect that makes these types of hosting not the best idea. What you could do if you are running in a shared hosting and it gets slow, get in touch with the hosting provider and ask them to move your site to another server or neighborhood.

When to use these types of hosting?

The thing now is that if your site is facing a problem with the server because of the shared hosting, you can ask for help and try to make your host provider to help you solve as fast as they can. But if you are paying $5 for the host, do you think you are actually affordable to take the time to help? Probably not, so you could wonder if a shared hosting is actually worthy to use.

The answer is yes! Of course! Depending on what you want these types of hosting for. If you are developing a site, testing sites where the load time is not something to worry about. You could have a personal journal or a site created for your family, it could go down sometimes in a month, but that should not represent a problem for you.

A shared hosting is a good option if you are starting your business and do not have as much money as you would like to for affording another king of hosting. So, for growing businesses, this kind of hosting is an opportunity to start and later in years, you could change to another hosting server that fits better your business’ needs.

Some Shared Hosting

Blue Host: this is one of the cheapest hosting services and has a quite decent uptime. Their security options are acceptable and they will deal with the most common risks of a website. They even offer a hot link protection for avoiding people from stealing the images or the content on the site.

Site Ground: this hosting is recommended by many blogs and forums. It is one of the youngest hosting providers, stating in 2007. They have an uptime higher than what they promise, and it is faster than an average hosting. It is also very consisting. The support they offer is fantastic.

A Small Orange: A Small Orange counts to a magnificent uptime until it crashes, yet an average page hosted by this server showed 41% of a speed faster than a page on an industry average.

So, you could check online about other features you might be interested in and decide which one is the best option for you.


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