Since a long time ago, the types of hosting provider a website uses created an on line war between Linux and Windows. It is common to read on different blogs, users fighting against and defending one or the other host provider. Both operating systems have now offered the opportunity of using them as host providers.

Yet, the breach between them is not as short as many could think since the users seem to agree that Linux is actually offering a better service than the one offered by Windows. It is not a secret that this Operating System has received a lot of critics and every time it tries to improve and update itself, it ends receiving more critics than applauses.

So, users are pretty clear regarding the unpopularity of Windows even considering that it is pre-installed on the devices and is the most used around the world. Yet, it is important to highlight that both providers exist because both are competitive and able to host a website.

After saying what was said before, it is important to know that the breach between these two services is becoming less abrupt. No one is saying that there are no differences among them. The programming languages and the security used vary between the two of them, and in the same way, it is great for Linux to have moments in which meets and exceeds the functionality of Windows.

Yet, those people wanting to get a host provider and worry about the benefits or importance of one of these two providers need to know that before anything else, the platform you are using right now does not affect the one you will pick. It is irrelevant if you use Windows OS and use Linux as your web hosting or vice versa.

The thing is that if you feel familiar with one of the OS and because of that you want to maintain the same one, you should know that the types of hosting you are using will not be related to the things you have on your computer. It is to say, you will not have the same interface whether you use Windows or Linux as a host provider or whether you use them as an OS.

A real criterion for the types of hosting platform you choose

As in any decision regarding your business, the criterion to use to get the types of hosting you want to use with it, is more related to the needs of your website than anything else. One of the most important questions you need to ask to yourself is whether your website needs a Windows-based server.

No one is asking whether you need a windows-based server on your computer but in your website. Think what you want to do with your site and the kind of activities your host provider needs to perform. If none of them gets you into anything related to Windows, then the most probable option is that you will not need a Windows-based server.

If while you are thinking about the needs your site has, you get to the conclusion and realize what you want is just a simple website, then probably your best option is what is called Unix-based host, which is basically a hosting provider that uses Linux. Especially if what you want from your site is a blog of selling things by using a shopping cart.

Where is the Mac OS?

Well, at this point maybe you already realized you really do not need a special host provider if your computer runs based on a Mac OS. In fact, at this point you have probably already decided about the hosting provider you will use.

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